What we do

At Ashanty Chocolate, our aim is to create a Chocolate Savoring Experience where Passion and Purpose come together. We specialize in handcrafting organic chocolate treats using  locally grown ingredients from farmers we trust.  There is no artificial ingredients and no artificial flavors. We believe in real food. Our line of hot chocolate is perfect for the winter. Just add hot water. When summer comes, just add cold water, and you will enjoy the same flavorful drink. 

We Donate 5% to Charity

We work to achieve our mission through our commitment to use organic ingredients form local New York farmers, and by donating 5% of all our proceeds toward the fight against Cancer, Malaria and Hunger. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to promote Education and donate Clean Water in rural areas in Sub-Sharan Africa.

A water fountain like the one in the picture above can supply clean water to families in a 20 miles radius. Images like these are what motivates us.


Constantine Abanda, Chocolatier & C.E.O.

The Interview with BronxNet

About Constantine

I grew up in Cameroon in central Africa, where my grandfather owned a cocoa farm. I spent years helping him harvest the pods, sundry them, package them and ship them into the city. I did not have my first chocolate bar until I was 12 years old. When I finally, did,  my life changed. I became fascinated with chocolate and, I wanted to learn the chocolate making process. It wasn't until 20 years later, that I took the leap and started Ashanty chocolate.