Local New York Farmers at Tierra Farms in Upstate New York are key partners. They provide us with the Organic nuts, Coconuts & Fruits we use in our recipes. 

All our ingredients are certified organic. We source the highest quality cacao from hardworking farmers who, like us, are passionate about creating a unique chocolate savoring experience. 

Fabric Wrapped Chocolate Bars Expect the unexpected  with these organic chocolate bars wrapped in Fabric. You will love.

Cashews with Milk Chocolate

Snack time is good with nuts. How do you make it better? Cover the nuts with chocolate.

Featured Products

Organic Hot Cocoa

This Hot Chocolate is your perfect companion for the cold days of this winter.

Organically Grown

Stay Warm With Ashanty Hot Chocolate

We have a selection of chocolate products that are sure to satisfy all your cravings. Warm up this winter with our Hot Chocolate, or munch on our Chocolate covered Cashews anytime.

You should know where your food comes from and who makes it. All our savory ingredients come fresh from the farm to your dinner table.

Fresh. Organic.


Handmade in New York City

Fresh Ingredients